About Us


Being a well-rounded business they have been able to reach goals and build a known name for their selves in the hair world. With George A. Thigpen being the owner of The Famous Perfect Kuts his leadership role has open doors to brand new futures for the barbers and the stylist as well as his own.  With four passionate and talented barbers, a team of fashionable hair stylist and many clients, it has been a long road watching them become ONE with the concept of customizing what the BARBERS AND STYLIST wear and use throughout each hair transformation that’s seen on a daily basis.  This business is one of a kind with the team of BARBERS AND STYLIST that bringing their own flavor which makes things unique and gives that welcoming feeling to all customers. This team has given back to the community by adopting Central Park elementary school. They now cut the entire first through fifth grade boy’s hair as charitable donation once a year. They have also reached out to Glove Loving Hands Ministries outreach organization and cut over 150 homeless and less fortunate men’s and women hair for FREE as channels 42 and 33/40 news covered the story.