George A. Thigpen III known as THE TONSORIAL MASTER


Born in Birmingham, Alabama on September 10, 1975, George A. Thigpen III launched his barbering career in 1993 at Greens Barber & Style. In 1995, he won the Alabama Independent Barber”s and Beautician”s Association First Place Award. In 1997, he ranked among the top 3 competitors in the same State-wide competition. Because of this success, George A. Thigpen III and a former business partner opened Perfect Kuts Barbershop in Lipscomb , Alabama. In 2003, George A. Thigpen III decided to go solo and opened Perfect Kuts Barber & Styles in the historic 5 Points West District in Birmingham, Alabama.

With his love for Barbering and eagerness teach, guide, and instruct others, George A. Thigpen III obtained a Professional Instructor’s Barber & Style License in 2005. He later was hired by the Jefferson County Barber Commission in 2007 as a Barbering Inspector. In 2012, George A. Thigpen III established the first ever Birmingham’s Barbering Show in Birmingham, Alabama, showcasing the multiple skills and talents that the barbering field has to offer. He also volunteers at multiple elementary schools around the city to help illustrate the skills of the barbering profession as a career choice. In conjunction with various local ministries, George A. Thigpen III donates his time and expertise to cut hair at local elementary schools and homeless shelters, because he believes “If you look Good, you feel Good”.

Today, George A. Thigpen’s Barber & Style shop is known as “The Famous Perfect Kuts L.L.C. George A. Thigpen III continues to be a well-rounded community leader and activist, helping various barbers & stylist launch their career.