Cornelius Evans known as THE TRUTH


Cornelius Evans better known by his barber name The Truth (mostly stylized Corn TheTruth), born and raised in Racine Wisconsin and now resides in Birmingham, Alabama. He has been a PROFFESSIONAL Licensed barber for over 5 years and the Technic Manager at The Famous Perfect Kuts for 1 year. He’s well known for his hair art work designs along with arching women’s eyebrows, although his objective is to define your every haircut by using the tools of his trade and bringing that extra smoothness to your swag.  He is one of the MANY well rounded, dedicated, professional and talented barbers in the barbershop field today. In 2011, Cornelius left Racine Wisconsin on a voyage to spread his wings reach another level in the barber game and landed in Birmingham, Alabama with the means to give his all when dealing with each upcoming obstacle that he would soon face. After planting seeds in the barbering world with his barbershop team/family and receiving good and wholesome advice from Shop owner/WM/Brother and friend George A. Thigpen along with two of his close family members Emmanuel Walton and Carlos Gardner, Cornelius has been able to make a good name for himself in the hair world as a barber in Birmingham Alabama on his road to success with his clippers being his motivation and God being his Lead. He likes to say, “Where the clippers buzz and storytelling of the old and new times added with wise quotes from barbers to clients and also clients to barbers linger through the air along with that well known scent of after shave and oil sheen the barbershop is where we come for preparation for that new job, that new school, that movie or dinner date as well as that new business deal so come one come all”.